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EN81-1/2 Amendment 3

Welcome to our dedicated page for EN81-1/2 Amendment 3.

As a result of this standard, all elevators that are brought into operation need to be equipped with a system that avoids unintended movements. In particular this means that elevators need to be fitted with a system, including a type test certificate, which reduces the travel distance to a maximum of 1 metre if an error occurs whilst the car is at the landing with the doors open.

J&L Elevator Components offer a complete technical solution for A3 Compliance for Geared Machines, Gearless Machines and Hydraulic Lifts.

View our various pieces of literature on Amendment 3 and meeting all the requirements by downloading our brochures 'Safety Components for Lifts' and 'A3 Safety Modules’.

Also visit our product section for 'A3 Components'.

Lift Directive 2014/33/EU

As of the 20th April 2016, the new Lift Directive 2014/33/EU will come into force and immediately replaces the current Directive without a transition period.

The Lift Directive (2014/33/EU) was introduced by the European Commission to ensure a harmonized standard of safety in the design and manufacture of lifts throughout the European Economic Area.

We can confirm all our suppliers have provided confirmation that all components they produce as of the 20th April 2016 onwards will be fully compliant to 2014/33/EU and the relevant certification will be provided.

The safety components have undergone rigorous checks in relation to the 2014/33/EU and EN 81-20/50 requirements and correspondingly altered where necessary.