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We are delighted to be a chosen supplier for the refurbishment at Lloyd's of London.

The Lloyd's Building (sometimes referred to as the Inside-Out Building) is the home of the insurance institution Lloyd's of London and is located at 1, Lime Street, in the City of London, England. It is a leading example of radical Bowellism architecture in which the services for the building, such as ducts and lifts, are located on the exterior to maximise space in the interior.

25 years after completion, the building received Grade I listing in December 2011; it was the youngest building ever to obtain this. It is said by English Heritage to be "universally recognised as one of the key buildings of the modern epoch.”

The building consists of three main towers and three service towers around a central, rectangular space. Its core is the large Underwriting Room on the ground floor, which houses the famous Lutine Bell. The Underwriting Room (often simply known as "the Room") is overlooked by galleries, forming a 60 metres (197 ft) high atrium lit naturally through a huge barrel-vaulted glass roof. The first four galleries open onto the atrium space, and are connected by escalators through the middle of the structure. The higher floors are glassed in, and can only be reached via the outside lifts.

The Lloyd's building is 88 metres (289 ft) to the roof, with 14 floors. On top of each service core stand the cleaning cranes, increasing the overall height to 95.10 metres (312 ft).

J&L Elevator Components are supplying both Geared and Gearless Machines for the Lloyd's refurbishment. The TW 130 Geared Machine consists of a single-level worm gear with flange connected three-phase motor. Our SF 'Synchron Fast' Gearless Machines have been designed for a working life of 40 years or 40,000 hours of operation.

The complete breakdown for the refurbishment is for 12 x SF 600 Gearless Machines, 1 x SF 700 Gearless Machine and 3 x TW 130 Geared Machines.

The SF 600 has a weight of 4200 kg and sits 1675 x 1265 mm. The TW 130 weighs 535 kg and has an 1137 x 810 x 630 x mm overall dimension.

We are looking forward to being part of a major contract for such an impressive, historic and eye catching building.