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BF Type 2

The BF Type 2 is for use on lifts with Speeds of 2.0 –2.81 m/s and Load Capacity of 810 – 12,040kg.

The BF Type 2 Safety Gear, designed by Haushahn and manufactured by SLC Lift Components in Germany is simplicity in itself, to install, adjust and maintain.

The BF Type Safety Gear is superbly engineered for the modernisation market, with a straight forward Disengaging Release and a simple installation with fine on-site adjustment.

There are also options for replaceable Braking Shoes meaning it has unlimited number of operations.
The BF Type has a variety of accessories and mounting plates, making it the most versatile Safety Gear on the market.

The BF Type 2 is a type tested Safety Gear for use as part of an A3 Solution.

Product Codes

Type 2 Standard Downwards: BF1D-2
Type 2 Standard Bi-Directional: BF2D-2
Type 2 Tandem Downwards: BF1D-2/BF1D-2
Type 2 Tandem Bi-Directional: BF2D-2/BF1D-2
Type 2 Triple Downwards: BF1D-2/BF1D-2/BF1D-2
Type 2 Triple Bi-Directional: BF2D-2/BF1D-2/BF1D-2

Max Rate Speed


Max. Tripping Speed

3.23 m/s

Maximum P+Q

Type 2 Standard: 4,010 kg
Type 2 Tandem: 8,030kg
Type 2 Triple: 12,040 kg

Min. Running Surface Width

20 mm

Guide Rail Head Width

9 – 19* mm
*regarding UCM Certificate maximum guide rail head width is 16mm



*Special Version in Stainless Steel available.

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