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Car Slings

The Car Slings TCS are designed for cars up to a maximum capacity of 6000 kg depending on cabin width and operating speed.


TCS 25   <= 3650 kg   <= 4,0 m/s

TCS 40   <= 5000 kg   <= 4,0 m/s

TCS 60   <= 6000 kg   <= 2,5 m/s

The selection is dependent on the load and overall car dimensions. They are available for 1:1 or 2:1 suspension, for speeds up to 4.0 m/s with an array of options available including; trailing cables, mountings, bi-directional safety gear, isolation and load weight.

Great Stability

Multiple bent sheet steel profiles in the top and bottom beam ensure the required stability.

Variable Height Adjustment

The side beams consist of 2 sheet steel profiles which are screwed together. They are fixed at the top and the bottom beam and a punched grip allows their length to be adjustsed in steps of 25m.

Excellent Driving Comfort

The cabin is bedded on compression springs which are mounted in a special isolated U-Profile.

Compact Design

With safety gears mounted in the top and bottom beam, it provides the Car Sling TCS to be very compact.

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