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Counterweight Frames

Our range of Couterweight Frames are available in various widths and capacities. The range covers loads of up to 6100 kg with 2:1 suspensions.


GTK 700     135mm   <=1560 kg

GTK 1050   135mm   <=23600 kg

GTK 1050   200mm   <=3500 kg

GTK 1370   270mm   <=6110 kg

Various widths are available to accommodate new or existing DBG (distance between guides). Available for 1:1 or 2:1 suspension with options for safety gears if required.

Optimum Adjustment

With the variations in length, width and gauge between rails, the counterweight is an optimum fit for the most diverse project planning dimensions. In the standard versions, the counterweight frames with rope attachment for 1:1 arrangement or rope pulleys available for 2:1 arrangement. Besides the standard gauge between rails of 700, 1050 and 1370mm, other clearance dimensions can be produced

Variable Filling

The two lengths for a multilayer filling with max. 30 or 40 levels and various filler materials allow variable adjustment to the dimensions of the shaft.

High Level of Safety

The frame construction of angular sheet metal profiles in the top and bottom beams along with the reinforced knot junctions and their connection provides solidity.

Additional Options

Various special versions such as sliding and pulley guides, and a safety gear on the counterweight can be selected as additional options.


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