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D 50 Q/R

The D 50 Q/R is a luminous indicator that compliments the B 50 Q and B 50 R pushbuttons.

The D 50 Q/R indicator enables fixtures to be equipped with luminous indicators for a variety of purposes. Displaying options from Alarm Activated, Telephone Online, Overload, No Entry, LIFT, or to serve as a Direction Indicator.

When choosing the 'Film' option, the D 50 Q/R can be produced to display corporate information or used as advertising space.

Through the choice of Housing, the D 50 R can provide compliance to EN 81-71 Class 1 or 2 and EN 81-72 for Firefighter Lifts.

The D 50 Q/R is available for both single and dual area illumination. The very latest LED technology has been applied to the B 50 Q which reduces the number of LEDs required, without compromising the effective illumination.

Cutout Dimensions

D 50 Q - 53.1 mm
D 50 R - 54.6 mm


Spacer & Nut

Recall Light

Single Illumination LED Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow


Plastic - Chrome, Black
Solid Metal- Chrome Polished, Matt, Black, TiN


Variety of finishes in Stainless Steel Matt, Aluminium Black, TiN, Polycarbonate (also available to specific RAL Colour)


Engraving, Lasered, Pierced, Film or Neutral

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