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DAF 210

The Gearless DAF 210 M-L is ideal for use in machine-room-less lifts however it can also be used for modernisation of existing lifts, either 1:1 or 2:1 suspension. The range is suited with Rated Loads from 450 kg to 1000 kg.

Maintenance Free

Through their elaborated construction, our DAF 210 M-L gearless series needs only a low quantity of mechanical parts. This has a most positive impact on the working life and the maintenance.


Dual circuit safety brakes are fitted as standard to our Gearless machines. Our brakes are certified for uncontrolled upward movement to EN81-1/9.10.


With our gearless machine we can offer the respectively matched frequency drive, in which all necessary drive parameters and motor maps are provided. This ensures the installation and set-up time is minimised. Optional plug and play versions are available which includes the main contactors.


Brake release lever and handwinding option provides a flexible solution for installation with or without machine rooms. This can eliminate having to provide a UPS.

Component Set

You can use our component sets for machine-room-less installations. These are especially matching to our DAF series and cover the complete range of performance.


Our traction sheaves are manufactured with hardened seated grooves, precisely balanced to deliver extremely smooth ride quality with low vibration and a guaranteed long working life.

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