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DMD 16x16

The DMD 16 x 16 is a Dot Matrix Display with 35 mm Character Height.

The DMD 16 x 16 is available in both Square and Round design. There is the option on the Square design to have a Plastic or Chrome housing or the unit only.

The display can be pre-programmed for Floor Position, Direction of Travel and up to 4 special texts or symbols. The configuration can also be carried out on site via DIP switches or through our DMD Configuration Kit.

The design matches perfectly with the B 50 Range of pushbuttons.

Cutout Dimensions

D 50 Q - 53.1 mm
P 50 Q - 44.0 mm
P 50 R - 45.0 mm


Snap and Spacer & Nut


Ribbon Cable


16 x 16 Dots

Recall Light

Single Illumination LED Red, Blue


Plastic - Chrome, Black
Solid Metal- Chrome Polished, Matt, Black, TiN

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