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DMD 27 30 35 50

Our range of Dot Matrix Displays are available for a selection of Character Heights and provide a resolution of 5 x 7 dots per display.

All our Dot Matrix Displays are available as One - Two - or Three Digits and with Red, Green or Blue LEDs.

The DMD Indicators can display up to 31 Floors, Direction Arrows and Special Texts or Symbols. The option of 'ticker messages' can also be configured easily. The DMD indicators can be pre-programmed but the configuration can also be carried out on site via DIP switches or through our DMD Configuration Kit.

In regards to the DMD 50, rather than a complete unit like the DMD 27, 30 and 35, it is composed of an individual display module and an input module. There are end caps that are fitted by the means of a clip fixing.


DMD 27

DMD 30

DMD 35

DMD 50


Welding Studs, Snap, Clip

Power Supply

12 - 30 v 


Red, Green, Blue 


Dual / Gray
Common Anode / Cathode
SP Bus Connector - DMD 30 & DMD 35

(Through Pane Combination)

EN 81-70, EN81-71, EN 81-72

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