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EBM 42

EBM 42 - Integrated Multi Functional Indicator

The EBM 42 provides an integrated Multi Functional Indicator within the same captivating design and state of the art technology of the EB 42 pushbutton.

The slightly convex touchplate on the EBM 42 can be surrounded by various housing materials to clearly portray its oval design.

The EBM 42 can also be turned on a 90° angle to be able to show either direction.

This oval design fits into an everyday setting or even in the most sophisticated surroundings due to the various touchplate finishes, LED illuminations and marking options.

Being incorporated into fixtures with a curved faceplate compliments the overall style of the Epsilon range.

Cutout Dimensions

61.2 mm x 33.2 mm


Snap Ring



Recall Light

Single Illumination LED Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White


Variety of finishes in Stainless Steel Matt, Brushed, Black, TiN (also available to specific RAL Colour)


Engraving, Embossed, Lasered or Neutral

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