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EK 42

EK 42 is a keyswitch that compliments both the EB 42 and EBM 42 pushbuttons.

The EK 42 is available in both a Standard and KABA switching mechanism and takes the same captivating design as the EB 42 and EBM 42 pushbuttons.

The EK 42 can be turned on a 90° angle to be able to show either direction.

Both the Standard and KABA styles are issued with two keys that use the standard key combination (other combinations are available).

Being incorporated into fixtures with a curved faceplate compliments the overall style of the Epsilon range.

Cutout Dimensions

61.2 mm x 33.2 mm


Snap Ring


S1, S2, T1 (Mae, Ma, Me)

Recall Light - Multi Functional Indicator

Single Illumination LED Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White


Stainless Steel Chrome Polished
Stainless Steel Chrome Matt

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