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EKS Mega

EKS Mega

The system consists of a central unit, which is the EKS Mega and several MegaBeans which are connected within a fixture.

The EKS Mega is required when there is more than one floor that should have access control. The EKS Mega manages up to 255 transponder identifiers. For each authorised transponder, any combination of connected control devices can be activated.

Optionally the reading procedure of the transponder can be signalised optically with the EKS Mega.

Each reading on the EKS Mega unit is acknowledged acoustically. Different signals will be sounded to inform the user whether the transponder was recognised as authorised or not.

The EKS Mega and Megabeans are mounted at the rear of the faceplate. Depending on the style type, the central unit is fixed by means of welding studs or clip fixing. The fixing plates and the MegaBean is fixed with adhesive bond and ribbon cable.


EKS Mega - MT 28 Q/R

EKS Mega - MT 42

EKS Mega - RT 42 & RT 42 wg

EKS Mega - EB 42

EKS Mega - B50 Q/R

Configuration Options

3 Wire - Common Anode (red)

3 Wire - Common Cathode (blue)

4 Wire - Common Anode (red)

4 Wire - Common Cathode (blue)

Recall Light

LED Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White

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