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EKS VP (Electronic Key Switch Vandal Proof)

The EKS VP can replace conventional keyswitches and keys by having electronic keys (transponders) that are used for non-contact activation.

When mounted behind a Stainless Steel Faceplate, there is no need for a cut-out for the EKS Unit in the faceplate. The EKS reader unit will be fixed at the rear of the faceplate by the means of welding studs and the reading area will be marked on the front of the faceplate in any design.

With no access from the front, the device is furthermore safe from vandalism, water and dust.

The EKS VP has the same functionality as the EKS Unit, with the reader unit detecting the transponder from a few centimeters distance. Every transponder is a unique specimen with a non-recurring and unchangeable identifier which can only be read by an electronic device. The EKS can memorize up to 156 transponder identities. It is also possible to arrange several EKS Units within one fixture to provide various restricted access points.

The EKS is equipped with two relays (1 alternating contact each). By simple configuration, the relays can be set for impulse or switch function. When operated with impulse function, the impulse duration can be set to either 0.3 seconds, 3 seconds or indefinite. After each read out of a memorized transponder identifier, the relays switch according to their configuration. With 2-relay operation, the two relays can be switched either independently or simultaneously.

Each reading on the EKS VP unit is acknowledged acoustically. Different signals will be sounded to inform the user whether the transponder was recognised as authorised or not.

The EKS VP can be ordered with each transponder having their unique code and stored in the EKS' memory. By means of the optional 'Special Function Cards' - Programming, Delete and Reset - it is possible to reconfigure the EKS Unit on site.

The EKS unit is frequently used in Apartment Blocks, Hotels or Shared Office Buildings.

Configuration Options

Impulse Function - 3 seconds

Impulse Function - 0.3 seconds

Impulse Function - any impulse time

Switch Function

1 Relay

2 Relays


Faceplate thickness cannot exceed 2mm


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