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Illuminated Fields

Our range of Illuminated Fields are used to display the standard pictograms of 'Alarm Activated' and 'Telephone Online' along with special announcements and advertisements.

Depending on the field type, the unit is fixed by means of welding studs or by snap fixing.

All markings are through a Film and have options of a Cystal Clear, Red or Green pane. Our range of panes offer each Illuminated Field being able to comply to different regulations such as EN 81-71 and EN 81-72.

Dimensions range from 62.5 mm x 32.5 mm (MA 6434) to 99.1 mm x 48.1 mm (LF 9948).


MA 6434 / LC

LF 4824

LF 4848 / Bicolour

LF 7224

LF 9924 / Triple

LF 9948

Recall Light

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White

Entire Surface Illumination / Seperate Area Illumination with Partition / Without Illumination

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