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JL2401 Hall Lantern

The JL2401 Hall Lantern & Arrival Gong brings liberation from the traditional flat mounted hall lantern and gongs and provides a unique combination of practicality and elegance to any lift landing entrance.

This all in one unit with its uncomplicated surface mounting design makes it an ideal retro fit item, fully compliant with the current DDA regulations.

With a complete 180 degree viewing angle, the JL2401 is perfect for use with all types of lift installations.

The innovative glass prism design gives the extraordinary appearance of the arrows being suspended in mid-air when illuminated Green (up) and Red (down).

Six types of chimes for up and down direction are selectable from dip switches and the whole unit is housed in an elegant mirror finished stainless steel frame. 

The JL2401 Hall Lantern & Arrival Gong is even more effective on group control providing prospective passengers with clear and concise arrival and departure information which is critical for the optimum performance of any group control.


190 x 189 x 50 mm


3 or 4 wires


18 - 35 v


Green & Red
Blue & White


1311 g

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