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Landing Operating Panels

The importance of the Landing Operating Panels (LOPs) can easily be overlooked. On arrival to the Lift Car, the access and design of the LOP is crucial in the overall Lift experience.

The choices of faceplate materials along with the choice of styles and components, play an essential role in the overall look. There are almost no limits left to the imagination due to the variety of faceplate materials we offer, along with us offering the technology to match to exisitng finishes.

Throughout our designing and processing stages, we can investigate options for radiuses, chamfers, curved shapes, inlays in contrasting materials and ornamental engravings. Our material thickness is always 2mm, with the option of 3mm available for certain materials.

The LOPs can not only incorporate the landing pushbuttons but also keyswitches and direction indicators that fit into the same profile, providing your fixture with an overall uniformed look.

For the marking of faceplates, texts, company logos or special symbols, all produced by engraving or lasering which is executed in CNC quality.

Plain and elegant, fancy and unique, modern or antique - we pride ourselves on our eye striking intention on a change in style.

LOP Fixtures

Height Specific - e.g. Full Height
Desk Shaped
Prism Shaped
Radius Shaped

LOP Materials

Aluminium Alloy - EV1, EV6
Stainless Steel V2A - Grade 180, Grade 240, Brushed, Polished, Matt, Squares, Rhombi, Linen, Sanded, Leather
Stainless Steel V4A
Stainless Steel TiN Coating- Polished, Hairline, Matt
Brass- Polished, Brushed
Powder Coated
Decoral Coated - Marble effect
Real Wood Veneer
RAL Specific

Mounting Options

Surface Mounted or Flush Mounted
Aluminium Profile Back Box
Sheet Metal Back Box
Quick Action Fasteners

Screw Options

Raised Countersunk Phillips Recessed Head
Raised Countersunk Allen Head
Raised Countersunk Two Hole
Raised Countersunk Inner Torx & Pin
Countersunk Allen Head
Concealed Screws
Welding Studs

With all our Landing Operating Panel quotations, we provide draft drawings showing Dimensions and Fixings details for your approval.

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