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LCD 240

The Liquid Crystal Display 240 is working on a VeBUS system and provides a resolution of 240 x 128 and available for Horizontal or Vertical installation.

This bichrome Liquid Crystal Display has a high graphical resolution that can display up to 31 Floors, Direction Arrows and 4 Special Texts or Symbols. The LCD 240 can also be programmed to show Logos or Special Texts as well as the Date and Time. The advantage with an LCD display is that all characteristics are permanently fixed to be visible at all times.

There is also acoustic signalisation for the travelling direction by an incorporated gong.

The LCD 240 can be pre-programmed but the configuration can also be carried out on site via a jumper or through our LCD Configuration Kit.


Blue - White Font & Blue Background (Standard)

Height of Characters

40 mm


Welding Studs

Power Supply

12 - 30 v

Display Area

114 x 64 mm


Dual / Gray
Common Anode / Cathode
VeBUS Encoder Board

(Through Pane Combination)

EN 81-70, EN81-71, EN 81-72

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