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LEA is a compact MRL Kit that needs no machine room and has a shaft footprint that takes up less space than conventional traction elevators.

In some applications, LEA has lower head room and smaller pit depth requirements than many other MRL’s. The space saved offers building owners, planners and architects a much smoother planning process.

The LEA passenger elevator is an impressive revolutionary solution that utilises proven, high quality equipment making it one of the most efficient MRL’s of its type on the market today.

Model Types

Colour Line - Galvanised, Traffic White, White Aluminium, Sand Yellow, Ocean Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Grey

Wood Line - Kiruna Bird (Beech), Rich Cherry (Dark Cherry), Natural Oak (Light Oak), Erable Chocolate (Black Ash)

Stainless Steel Line - Hairline, Ground, Brushed, Linen, Galvanised, Elephant Skin

Design Features

Car Interior

15 Wall Colours and Finishes including Glass Rear Walls
7 Ceilings and Lighting  
5 Flooring Materials  
2 Handrails
3 Bump Rails

Car Doors

VVVF Linear Drive RT301

Landing Doors

Stainless Steel, Painted Finish, Glass
Two Panel Telescopic, Two Panel Centre Opening

Technical Specification
Rated Load

450 kg
630 kg
1000 kg


Gearless PMC (Permanent Magnet Compact)

Rated Speed

1.0 m/s


Max. 45 m


Max. 16

Shaft Pit

Min. 400 mm – Max. 1850 mm


Min. Car Height +500 mm - Max. Conventional Car Height +1300 mm

Electrical Package

The control system and electrical package have been removed from our packages, allowing you, the customer, to select your preferred or the consultants preferred equipment.

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