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LEA Comfort-F is a premium quality MRL Kit that needs no machine room.

The LEA-F Passenger and Goods elevator is an impressive revolutionary solution that utilises proven, high quality equipment making it one of the most efficient MRL’s on the market today.

With its forward thinking design and state of the art technology, LEA-F is not only a trendsetter, its a step ahead of the future. Our extensive experience in design allows the shaft dimension to be moved by the millimetre making it incredibly flexible, perfect for both new build and existing lift shafts alike.

The Gearless machines used are without question the most efficient in their class, offering minimum torque ripple and near perfect magnetic stability to give that all important ride quality.

Manufactured by one of the World’s leading elevator manufacturers, the lifts are completely open protocol with a control system of your choice, keeping you and your customer completely in control, using a maintenance provider of your choice.

The LEA-F has a vast array of standard Car Finishes but is also available with a plain Galvanised car to be fitted out on site.  More exclusive ‘special’ car finishes to meet your individual client’s specification are also available upon request.

Model Types

Style Line - Available in 15 different Standard Colours

Chic Line - Available in 15 different Standard Colours

Elegant Line - Available in 13 different Standard Colours

Vertical Line - Available in 9 different Standard Colours

Design Features

Car Interior

15 Wall Colours and Finishes including Glass Walls
5 Standard Ceilings and Lighting, option for RGB LED lighting
6 Standard Flooring Materials
2 Types of Skirting, option with RGB LED Lighting
2 Handrails
3 Bump Rails

Car Doors

VVVF Linear Drive F9

Landing Doors

Satin Stainless Steel, Patterned Stainless Steel, Painted Finish, Full Glass, Framed Glass
Two Panel Telescopic, Two Panel Centre Opening, Four panel Centre Opening
UK Fire Rated as an option

Technical Specification
Rated Load

450 kg - 4000 kg


Gearless PMC (Permanent Magnet Compact)

Rated Speed

1.0 m/s - 2.5 m/s [3.0 m/s from 2016]


Max. 100 m


Max. 40

Shaft Pit

Min. 1100 mm


Min. 3300 mm with Car Height 2100 mm

Electrical Package

The control system and electrical package have been removed from our packages, allowing you, the customer, to select your preferred or the consultants preferred equipment.

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