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LEA Home

Thanks to our innovative solutions and the reliability of our products, the LEA Home is the best choice to help you remain mobile and independent.

The LEA Home models are made-to-measure solutions, with a range of impressive qualities, well thought out design options, and overall provides increased living comfort. All models fit perfectly into both private surroundings as well as a commerical environment.

Model Types

Gulliver - stand alone vertical installation

Orion - built into an existing shaft

(Dimensions: Minimum Width 730 mm - Minimum Depth 1150 mm)

Design Features

Car Interior

Mirror, Ceiling Spot Lights, Walls and Flooring


with or without Ramp

Car Doors

manually operated Folding Doors or Automatic Telescopic Doors

Landing Doors

Steel, Glass, Solid Glass or Fire Resistant

Door Handles

Techno, Classic or Modern

Internal Equipment

Handrails, Folding Seat or Remote Control

Technical Specification

Lifting System

Hydraulic Cylinder with Oleodynamic Control Unit


230 V Single Phase, 50 Hz

Power Consumption

1,8 kW - 2,2 kW (5+- 10% W in Standby)

Rated Load

300 - 400 kg

Rated Speed

0,15 m/s


Max. 15 m


Max. 5

Shaft Pit

Min. 100 mm - Max. 120 mm


Min. 2050 mm (Basic Cabin), Min 2200 mm (any Type of Car)

Electrical Package

The control system and electrical package have been removed from our packages, allowing you, the customer, to select your preffered or the consultants preferred equipment.

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