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Lift Components

We  have the ability to offer a unique solution to our customers by offering multi brand Spare Parts Sales of genuine manufacturer's elevator and escalator parts.

Our Spare Parts portfolio is extensive, with us having 1,000’s of genuine manufacturer’s elevator and escalator parts from over 20 international brands including Otis, Selcom, KONE, Schindler and ThyssenKrupp.

Providing the Direct Links to the catalogue pages for the selection of genuine manufacturer's Lift Components.

Need help identifying a part?

If you can't find the part you require in the catalogue then all we need is the Part Number and/or a Photograph to help us identify it for you. Contact a member of the Spare Parts Team at info@jandlelevatorcomponents.com or call us on 01745 585 999.

To view the entire Spare Parts catalogue click here

00 Car  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/50-00-cabine
01 Landing  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/51-01-paliers
02 Shaft  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/87-02-shaft
03 Machine Room  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/53-03-machinerie
05 Gears  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/54-05-treuils
07 VVF Box  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/55-07-coffret-vf
08 Signals/Lighting  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/56-08-signalslighting
26 Safety Equipment  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/57-26-equip-securite