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Lift Spare Parts

We  have the ability to offer a unique solution to our customers by offering multi brand Spare Parts Sales of genuine manufacturer's elevator and escalator parts.

Our Spare Parts portfolio is extensive, with us having 1,000’s of genuine manufacturer’s elevator and escalator parts from over 20 international brands including Otis, Selcom, KONE, Schindler and ThyssenKrupp.

Providing the Direct Links to the catalogue pages for the selection of genuine manufacturer's Lift Spare Parts.

Need help identifying a part?

If you can't find the part you require in the catalogue then all we need is the Part Number and/or a Photograph to help us identify it for you. Contact a member of the Spare Parts Team at info@jandlelevatorcomponents.com or call us on 01745 585 999.

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Lift Directive 2014/33/EU

As of the 20th April 2016, the new Lift Directive 2014/33/EU will come into force and immediately replaces the current Directive without a transition period.

We can confirm our Spare Parts suppliers have provided confirmation that all components they produce as of the 20th April 2016 onwards will be fully compliant to 2014/33/EU and the relevant certification will be provided.

The safety components have undergone rigorous checks in relation to the 2014/33/EU and EN 81-20/50 requirements and correspondingly altered where necessary.

008  Coils  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/17-008-bobines
009  Magnet Switches  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/18-009-contacteurs-et-relais
010  Relays  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/19-010-relais
012  Shunts & Door Contacts  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/20-012-shunts-et-contacts-de-porte
014  Contacts Parts  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/21-014-pieces-de-contacts
015  Carbons, Brushes & Holders   http://mgti.fr/shop/en/22-015-charbons-balais-et-porte-balais
018  Door Operators  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/23-018-pieces-operateur-de-porte
019  Selector Parts  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/24-019-pieces-de-selecteur
020  Keys & Keyswitches  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/25-020-cles-contacts-a-cle
025  Tools for Maintenance  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/26-025-outillage-sav
026  Fuses  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/27-026-fusibles
027  Alarm & Emergency Transmissions  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/28-027-alarmes-transmissions-de-securite
028  Lamps  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/29-028-lampes
029  Pushbuttons  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/30-029-boutons-poussoirs
030  Guide Shoe  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/31-030-garnitures-et-coulisseaux
031  Hanger Roller, Doro Gibs & Track  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/32-031-galets-patins-et-rails
034  Door Lock Components  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/33-034-serrures-de-porte
040  Door Closer  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/34-040-ferme-portes
045  Springs  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/35-045-ressorts
050  Magnet Switches  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/36-050-detection-magnetiques
051  Mechanical Switches  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/37-051-detection-mecaniques
052  Electronic Photocells  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/38-052-detection-optiques
053  Retiring Cams  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/39-053-electro-cames
057  Brake  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/40-057-freins
058  Oil  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/41-058-huile
060  Traction & Deflector Sheaves  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/42-060-poulie-de-traction-renvoi
064  Rope Clamps  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/43-064-attache-cables
070  Printed Circuit Boards  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/44-070-circuits-electroniques
071  Capacitors  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/45-071-condensateurs
072  Rectifiers  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/46-072-redresseurs
077  Microswitches  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/47-077-microcontacts
079  Transformers  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/48-079-transformateurs
080  Rubber Parts  http://mgti.fr/shop/en/49-080-pieces-caoutchouc