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Multi Function Display

The MFD 99 is a single unit Multi Functional Display with an integrated display DMD 30/35 - H2/H3.

The Dot Matrix Display (DMD) is placed within the upper field area of the MFD 99.

In the middle field area, the emergency light, logos and texts can be presented.

In the lower field area the pictograms according to EN81-70 as well as six further symbols are presented.

An overload buzzer adds an acoustic signal to the overload indicator.

The MFD99 comes in two profiles, framed, which snap-locks into place from the front without the use of weld studs and an unframed version which is flush with the faceplate.

Cutout Dimensions

Frame on Faceplate - 193.1 x 113.2 mm

Faceplate - 183 x 103.1 mm


Snap or Scew

Faceplate Thickness

1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm


Positive, Negative, Colour

(Through Pane Combination)

EN 81-70, EN81-71, EN 81-72

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