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SG Type SG2D-1

SG2D -1 is for use on lifts with Speeds of 2.5 –2.80 m/s and Load Capacity of 300 – 2,880kg.

The SG2D -1 is a Bi-Directional only Safety Gear, designed by Haushahn and manufactured by SLC Lift Components in Germany is simplicity in itself, to install, adjust and maintain.

The SG2D-1 is very compact meaning minimal space is required between the Guide Rail Head and Frame assembly. This also means its application is very flexible, with internal and external guide rails (MRL Cantilever Design).

There are also various possibilities for tripping the Safety Gear which enable an optimal synchronisation. A steady deceleration is applied by long spring travel of disk springs.

With the SG2D-1, there is an independent and continuously variable adjustment of braking force to achieve a Bi-Directional approach.

The SG2D -1 is a type tested Safety Gear for use as part of an A3 Solution.

Product Codes

SG Standard Bi-Directional: SG2D-1

Max Rate Speed

2.80 m/s

Max. Tripping Speed

3.23 m/s

Maximum P+Q

2,880 kg

Min. Running Surface Width

19 mm

Guide Rail Head Width

5 – 16 mm


20 kg



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