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SLC 2500-S

The SLC 2500-S is a Bi-Directional Safety Gear for use on lifts with speeds up to 1.7 m/s and load capacity P+Q of 3010 kg.

The SLC 2500-S is available with a variety of linkage systems making it the most flexible Safety Gear on the market.

There are also options for a Safety Gear housing and a series of Oscillating Plates simplifying the mounting to both new and existing Car Slings.

The SLC 2500-S is a type tested Safety Gear for use as part of an A3 Solution.

Max Rate Speed 

1.7 m/s

Max. Tripping Speed

2.0 m/s

Maximum P+Q

3101 kg

Guide Rail Thickness

5-16 mm

Guide Rail Type

Cold Drawn or Machined


Oiled / Dry


100 x 200 x 49 mm

A3 is a Protective Device against unintended movement of the elevator car away from the landing with open doors (UCM - Unintended Car Movement). In accordance with DIN EN81-1:2010-06 Chapter 9.11 or DIN EN81-2:2010-08 Chapter 9.13, elevators must be equipped with a type-approved protective device which limits the travel in account of an unintended movement of the elevator car away from the landing, when the landing door is not locked and the car door is not closed.

To ensure full compliance to the regulation, we have a fully certified system using the SLC 2500-S Safety Gear in conjunction with the LF20 CA or the LF30 CA Overspeed Governors fitted with the AD20 anti-sliding protection module.

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