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Speech Synthesiser

The DVM 70 - Digital Voice Master is our universal voice announcement device that is used to announce Floor Information and Special Information.

The DVM 70 has 2 internal loudspeakers, stereo output and 14 inputs, 13 of these are freely configurable. The option for background music is also available.

The DVM 70 can be pre-programmed before dispatch with the required messages however the DVM 70 can also be configured on site by DIP switches or via the DVM Configuration Kit.

The Grill Design for the Speaker Holes is dependent on the fixture design.

There are accessories available such as the Micro DVM 70 which is used for volume adjustment and recording function, Speaker 70 for louder volume and improved playback quality and Speaker 60 VP for water protection.


255 Floor
64 Special

File Format

mp3 with 128K/bit/s & MicroSD Card


Welding Studs

Connection Technology

Screw Terminal
MicroMatch 10 Pole
MicroMatch 14 Pole

Sound Pressure

80 dB(A)


127 x 84 x 24 mm

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