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TW 63

TW 63 is ideal for standard geared lifts. TW 63 capacity is up to 2000 kg.

Variable Motor Position
Depending on the availability of space, you can obtain this gear with vertical or horizontal motor position. The TW 63 is available as left-hand version with the option of right-hand version when the motor is in a vertical position.

Accurate Motor Control
For optimal running performance, use the VVF motor with elastic coupling in B5 design stands. This provides a protection class of IP 55. The TW 63 is available in B5 design with other available Motor Types of AC2 (pole-changing) or ACVV (phase shift controlled).

Emergency Brake as Option (NBS)
As a one-circuit spring operated disc break, it enables braking in upward direction and meets the requirements set out in the European standard for lifts in the EN 81-1/9.10. The certification according to the EN 81-1: Amendment 3 is available. 

Continuous Smoothness of Running
This is provided by a single-stage worm gear mounted on roller bearings. Minor process tolerances and the use of high quality material ensure a smooth, quiet running. Synthetic gear oil ensures for optimal lubrication and high efficiency.

Low-Wear Traction Sheave
High durability is a main feature of the hardened traction sheave. Also optimal adjustment in all directions is available.

Optimal Adjustment to your Lift
The TW 63 allows stress of the rope departure from the traction sheave in all directions.

Double Safety
The operational brake is a double circuit outside shoe brake. It safely stops the lift even with only one effective power circuit

* Emergency Brake (NBS)
* Brake Monitoring Switch

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