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TW 45 C

TW 45 C is ideal for standard geared lifts. TW 45 C capacity is up to 1000 kg.

Variable Motor Position
Depending on the availability of space, you can obtain this gear with vertical or horizontal motor position. The TW 45 C is available as left-hand version with the option of right-hand version when the motor is in a vertical position.

Accurate Motor Control
For optimal running performance, use the VVF motor with elastic coupling in B5 design stands. This provides a protection class of IP 55. The TW 45 C is available in B5 design.

Emergency Brake as Option (NBS)
As a one-circuit spring operated disc break, it enables braking in upward direction and meets the requirements set out in the European standard for lifts in the EN 81-1/9.10. The certification according to the EN 81-1: Amendment 3 is available. 

Continuous Smoothness of Running
This is provided by a single-stage worm gear mounted on roller bearings. Minor process tolerances and the use of high quality material ensure a smooth, quiet running. Synthetic gear oil ensures for optimal lubrication and high efficiency.

Low-Wear Traction Sheave
High durability is a main feature of the hardened traction sheave. Also optimal adjustment in all directions is available.

Optimal Adjustment to your Lift
The TW 45 C allows stress of the rope departure from the traction sheave in all directions.

Double Safety
The operational brake is a two surface disc brake. It safely stops the lift even with only one effective power circuit.

* Emergency Brake (NBS)
* Brake Monitoring Switch


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