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VB 42 Labels

Working alongside the VB 42 M pushbutton, the VB 42 Labels provide an option to have the Floor Marking (with or without Braille) seperate to the pushbutton.

All labels can be positioned to either the left or right side of the VB 42 M pushbutton.


Full Label - measuring 74 x 41 mm, with a grey plastic rim.

Label Frame - measuring 30.25 x 41 mm, with a grey plastic rim.

InLay Label - measuring 74 x 41.5 mm, is fitted complete with a Mounting Plate and Locking screws.


Screw & Welding Studs (for InLay Label)


Stainless Steel Matt & Black (*RAL Specific available on InLay Label)


Embossed, Engraved & Lasered

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