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W 332 C

W 332 C is one of only two machines we offer with out-board bearing as standard. W 332 C has established reliability with the use of high loads. The W 332 C capacity is up to 3200 kg with 1:1 suspension and up to 6000 kg with 2:1 suspension.

Accurate Motor Control
For optimal running performance, VVF motor with elastic coupling in B5 design stands. 

Optionally as Part-Ex
An extended traction sheave shaft with wall bearing, vapour-proof roller guide and the suitable machine base frame, allows the use of the standard machines for Ex-Applications.

Increased Admissible Load
A reinforced traction sheave shaft enables the machine to be stressed with up to 50% higher radial shaft load.

Continuous Smoothness of Running
This is provided by a single-stage worm gear with combined plained/anti friction bearings. Minor process tolerances and the use of high quality material ensure a smooth, quiet running. Synthetic gear oil ensures for optimal lubrication and high efficiency.

Low-Wear Traction Sheave

High durability is a main feature of the hardened traction sheave. Available in various diameters from 540 - 800 mm and designed for a maximum of 21x10 - 8x16 mm ropes.

Double Safety
The operational brake is a double circuit outside shoe brake. It safely stops the lift even with only one effective power circuit. Line wear can be continuously checked with the brake monitoring. 

* Horizontal Rope Departure
* Brake Monitoring Switch
* Traction Sheave in Shaft with Extended Traction Sheave Shaft and Pedestal Bearing

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